Aug 19 '09
by Snag

Coins on the race track

Now, I can only attest to half of the experience for this particular topic since I have only played Mario Kart Super Circuit, and not Super Mario Kart, but I am still very opinionated.

One of the worst things I think was done in the Mario Kart Series is to put coins on the race track. I know it was part of the original, and people make mistakes and can amend those. In fact, it was amended! Mario Kart 64 had NO COINS in it. But then it game back in Super Circuit.

Here is my biggest problem with coins: they basically make you drive in a particular path (or at least attempt to get you to go in that path) for the whole race. In my opinion, it is hard enough to get a good rating while battling with you opponents, attempting to stay on the course, and dealing with whatever else, even before dealing with the coins.

I think the idea that you have to have so many coins to unlock certain things (like extra cups) is actually a creative way of doing it, but I don’t think the number of coins should determine your rating. This is why when I have gold on all cup in Mario Kart Super Circuit (only one away) I will consider the game conquered.

Apparently, Nintendo developers (and possibly other gamers) had the same thoughts, as I do, and coins have not made an appearance on the race track since.

One Response to “Coins on the race track”

  1. At first I didn’t fully understand the concept, but I know with Super Circuit, you travel faster if you have more coins. I kinda like that idea, but I think it only works for games like Super Circuit. For example, if they would have tried to pull this stunt in Mario Kart Double Dash or Mario Kart Wii, it would have failed miserably.