Aug 14 '09
by SSJ Ranulf

Greenshell Magnet

I can’t be the only person in history that this has happened to. You throw three Greenshells into a crowd, and they all come back and hit you. Several people fire Greenshells, and they all hit you. It’s painful, it’s humiliating, and it’s downright unfair. How could this be? Why is it me?

Simple, you’re this games Greenshell Magnet.

You’re the shmuck who drew the short straw. You get nailed by all the shells. This is Kartma. It lasts throughout the race, sometimes the entire 4 race series.

It gets better! The mirror image of this: The Greenshell replant (boy, that need’s a catchier name.) This lucky jerk just won’t get hit. This always seems to be a computer.

I can’t be the only one feeling this. Someone help me believe that it’s not just a curse on me!

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