Aug 5 '09
by Blueshell Magnet

On Snaking

I’m not always big on the gamer lingo that goes on, so the term “snaking” is fairly new to me. I had always referred to it as “doing r-turns on the straightaway.”

I have been told that this concept is rather annoying to people who play on the internet with Mario Kart Wii. I’ve been “snaking” ever since Mario Kart Double Dash, when I learned to use drifting at every possible moment. With two people in the kart it was even easier.

Now, I understand the frustration that people have when you play against someone that seems to be untouchable. It’s more than annoying when you are so far behind that you don’t stand a chance to catch up.

I think what most people forget is ‘snaking’ is hard. The drifting technique was designed to help power-slide around corners. To use this maneuver on a straight path takes time and effort to practice. I mean, if it was easy everyone would do it, right?

I’ve heard people argue on whether ‘snaking’ should be allowed or not. Whether it’s ethical or not. I don’t think that’s the issue that needs to be discussed. The fact is, r-turns are built into the game to help characters boost. It’s specifically designed to help on corners, but it turns out to be more versatile than that.

I think the problem is that people who either don’t ‘snake’ or don’t know how to ‘snake’ are racing against people who do.

Don’t forget, Mario Kart is racing game. The goal of a racing game is to go as fast as you can at all times. If you can go faster by ‘snaking’, then by all means, do it!

I think if you argue against ‘snaking’, then you also have to argue against wheelies. The only difference is that wheelies are a piece of cake to pull off. Wheelies make you drive faster (though, I have no idea why…), but only bikes can get wheelies. So anyone on a bike automatically gets an advantage over someone in a kart right?

What do you think? Is my argument fair? How would you solve this ‘problem’?

One Response to “On Snaking”

  1. Paul Gansen says:

    The faster you go, the better. How ever you do this (without using hacks that allow unlimited bullet bills) is legit.