Aug 13 '09
by Snag

Toughest Track

I know there are a few tracks throughout the games that are I find most frustrating. I am curious what track(s) others feel are the MOST difficult. Here are a few I would like to offer up as difficult:

N64-Toad’s Turnpike (Mirror)-The definition of “fuster cluck”
SNES/GBA-Rainbow Road
Wii-Rainbow Road
SNES/GBA-Broken Pier
Wii-Wario’s Gold Mine

4 Responses to “Toughest Track”

  1. Blueshell Magnet says:

    Not sure if I agree with you here. I think all the tracks on the N64, GameCube and Wii are pretty easy.

    The hardest stage I can think of for the Wii is Moonview Highway. I suppose Toad’s Turnpike might be a bit hard too. Usually it’s pretty easy to avoid the cars, but in some instances you don’t have any control over the situation.

    I think Baby Park is a hard track. Mainly because it’s unpredictable. One of my favorite thing to do is grab a few friends, have everyone choose the characters with the largest, most obnoxious items and have an all out brawl on Baby Park.

    Then again, I like harder stages because they provide a challenge, which is fun for me. I may have to think about this more.

  2. Paul Gansen says:

    Remember, I specified Toad’s Turnpike for Mirror Cup, it’s a WHOLE new ball game when the vehicles are only coming at you. I could concede Rainbow Road for the Wii as a tough track, and it’s probably just me, but Wario’s Gold Mine is just… infuriating… I can never seem to stay on that track. I stand by broken pier and rainbow road for SNES (GBA).

    In regards to Baby Park, I think it’s fun. It is hard to deal with 2 bowser shells running all over the place while getting chased by a chain chomp, but I’ve seemed to manage.

    Bottom line-Toad’s Turnpike for Mirror Cup is the hardest track I have ever driven and I would love to see someone actually make it through that without getting hit by a vehicle.

  3. Blueshell Magnet says:

    It’s been awhile since I’ve done Mario Kart 64, but I when I was “at my peak” as it were, I know I was able to play through Toad’s Turnpike flawlessly… I can’t be certain whether that held true for mirror mode or not, but I do remember that I was able to dodge rather well at that game.

    I haven’t unlocked the SNES tracks for the GBA, but I think ALL of the SNES tracks are difficult. I don’t know if it’s the player controls or the tracks or the computer players, but I just can’t beat that game. So I guess I would agree that Rainbow Rainbow Road and Broken Pier are hard stages, at least for the SNES.

  4. Snag says:

    I do have to apologize. When I said “Broken Pier”, i actually meant Ghost Valley 3. Broken Pier was only in Super Circuit, and Ghost Valley 3 was in the original, and came back in Super Circuit in the extra cups. This is the track I was referring to.