Oct 22 '09
by Snag

Different Objectives

One problem I have continually had through out many Mario Kart games is the different objectives for the human player and the AI players. For example, in Super Circuit, you are attempting to collect coins as you go through the tracks. But the AI does not have this… hindrance, if you will. The AI is only trying to take first place in each race. Not only that, in MKSC, MKDS, and MKWii, the human players are attempting to get star ratings which pretty much require 4 first place finishes, as a prerequisite. So, not only are we trying to take first place, but were trying to do something above and beyond that. The AI doesn’t care about rating because there is no rating. They can play as “dirty” and as imperfect as they want; all that matters is #1.

Consider, for example, you are trying to achieve a double star rating. You need to take first place in all 4 races and be in 1st for most of the time and not fall off, etc. You may run a really good race but only get one star. And you next closest opponent’s rating? By the standard you are set to, they would get a silver trophy and probably get a rating of D or E.

This might be a criticism of the rating system, which we have discussed before. This may just be me whining. As human players, are we held to a higher standard? Should the ultimate objective be the same for all, human or AI? I can’t account for Super Mario Kart, but MK64 and MK Double Dash don’t have the star ratings and the only thing for the player is to finish in first place in the cup. In Double Dash, your point total is recorded, but does not determine if you unlock anything. I feel that this is ideal. Those games were still considered to be good games and were challenging, but maintained the same standards for all racers.

What do you think?

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