Oct 21 '09
by Snag

Mario Kart Game Ratings

I was recently introduced to the website, metacritic, and page that compiles all reviews of a game, movie, cd, etc. and gives it one aggregate score.

I was curious to see how the Mario Kart games stack up. Unsurprisingly, all of the games (excluding the original) scored 80 or greater (out of 100). But I was surprised to see how they were ranked among each other. The list is as follows:

1. Mario Kart Super Circuit (93)
2. Mario Kart DS (91)
3. Mario Kart Double Dash (87)
4. Mario Kart 64 (83)
5. Mario Kart Wii (82)

Remember, these scores come from multiple sources, and as anyone who is familiar with statistics knows, it only takes one score to screw up the whole average, but from my experience, I don’t see how these ranking can be right. Here are my thoughts:

Mario Kart DS blew compared to the others. It’s a good game and I am glad I played it, but the tracks weren’t particularly difficult, Rainbow Road specifically. I literally blew through this game in two weeks. Not challenging in the least. I would call it the worst of the series.

MK64 and MK Super Circuit has the same major flaw when racing in grand prix mode: they claimed you were racing 7 other players, but only 3 of them would score in the top 4 of each race. Both are good games, but have a limited scope of game play. As far as difficulty, each of these have one or two tracks that are particularly hard at 150cc or Mirror modes. According to metacritic, I agree with the Mario Kart 64 score, but could place Super Circuit lower, around an 85.

Now, my favorite games, Double Dash and Wii. Double Dash has an interesting gameplay element and strategy for selecting characters. Not only that, one of the best features of all of the games: All tracks mode. I wish there was an all games mode where you could race all tracks from all games. Over all, a smooth game that is challenging and fun.

And then Wii. Almost perfect. A new element with bikes, dozens of unlockable aspects, and some really fun new tracks. Literally, months of gameplay is provided by this game. I would rank this slightly below Double Dash because of overall enjoyment.

So, I must ask, how are my judgements so off here? Am I the only one with this opinion? Is it possible these scores are related to release date (newer games lose flavor after several sequals), game availability (handhelds cost less and games cost less, thus more are available to the public) or are these games REALLY that good?

Anyway, here is a link to the review that gave Mario Kart Wii the lowest score of 42 out of 100. Read it and tell me if it isn’t entirely convoluted.


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