Oct 19 '09
by Snag

Super Mario Kart on Wii Virtual Console

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of the Mario Kart series (duh).  As such, in one was or another, I own most of the games, but there is one that I do not own, and that is the original, Super Mario Kart.

Since I live in America, at this moment, the only way I would be able to own this game is to purchase a Super Nintendo (which would obviously be used) and a copy of Super Mario Kart for the system (also used).  If I were to purchase these via ebay, they would cost a minimum of $50.  $50 that Nintendo won’t see a dime for since they have gotten all they can out of that system.

Now, when I heard about the Virtual Console idea, I thought, “GENIUS!  I could own EVERY game Nintendo ever made (except Gameboy games, but I think they should do that anyway) and play them all on this ONE console.  But Nintendo is lacking several staples from their library from this list, namely Super Mario Kart.

I see no GOOD reason for Nintendo not to release this on Virtual Console.  Super Mario Kart was the #3 top selling SNES game.  It would seem to me that it would be quite successful in the new format.  Also, it has already been made for the Virtual Console in Japan.  The transfer to US consoles shouldn’t be extremely hard.

Bottom line is that somewhere down the line, I will own this game, and chances are, I will wait until it is EVENTUALLY put on Vitural Console.  But there is a chance I will spend $50+ to get the SNES and the old cartridge of Super Mario Kart.  $50, as mentioned before, that Nintendo won’t get, but could see at least $10 of it if this were released on VC.

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