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Learn to Play Already!

Posted by Link On November - 8 - 2006 Comments Off

This is stupid. I’m sorry, but this kids a moron. Here I am, in the shadow temple, you would think he has a slight clue on how to actually play this game, seeing as he go this far to begin with. But no, let’s throw me off that cliff a few times, yeah, like I can make that jump! HELLO!!! YOU DON’T HAVE THE STINKIN’ HOVER BOOTS YET!! Kids these days. I almost glad when Navi starts talking to him, I mean, I don’t really wish Navi on anyone, but boy, this kid is really clueless. And now, here I am, dangling on the edge of this cliff while he just takes off and eats lunch. Sheesh, the least you think he could do is pull me up so I could rest my arms. Maybe he won’t come back, then his older brother can come and we can actually get  [ Read More ]

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