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Posted by Sonic On January - 8 - 2007 Comments Off

Hey ya’ll! Sonic here.

Not really one for blogging myself, but when news reached me about Captain Slow-Poke’s post, I needed to correct a few issues.

First off, Captain Falcon is not the fastest person on the planet. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t even drive the fastest car on the planet. Anybody can out race Captain Falcon, some of us can even do it on foot.

The thing about racing in cars, is that anyone can do it. You get in and put your foot on the gas petal. Doesn’t sound that hard to me. That’s why there are so many characters to choose from in F-Zero. Get a clue Captain! Anybody could take your place with a weeks worth of training.

You want speed? The only way to truly have speed is to train up for it and have it yourself. I’ll take you up on your offer. Let’s go to a track, you and me. First one to 300 laps wins.You know what? I’ll even run the outside lane, and let you run the inside lane. I’ll still be done long before you will be.

The only person capable of matching my speed is Shadow. And on most days I can beat him, but it’s not always easy.

So kids, if you are looking for speed, don’t be taken in by some cheap marketing and hat tricks, stick with the true blue, go Sonic!

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