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Posted by Master_Chief On January - 11 - 2007 Comments Off

I really don’t wanna be here today. I have this killer headache and it is really getting in the way of my concentration. I had a bad night last night, couldn’t sleep, and today, of all days, we get to play Halo. Charlie hasn’t played Halo in months, and to be quite honest, he’s not really that great. That doesn’t bother me though. I don’t mind playing the same level a few times because I keep getting killed, what bugs me is the fact that I have this stupid headache, right in the front of my forehead and now I have to run around shooting baddies.

I am really tired and I really can’t focus. I don’t even know what level I’m on right now, that’s how out of it I am. The only thing I do know, is that there is a plasma grenade stuck to my helmet and the second Charlie decides to unpause, I’m a dead man. Though, knowing Charlie, he’s probably going to try to record the dumb thing and put it up on YouTube.

I really wish you could see my face right now. Because the annoyed stare that is plastered on my face is so utterly perfect, I really can’t describe it. I won’t have to though, because in another minute I’m dead. Then I can re-spawn with an even larger headache, and go through the whole deal again.

I tell you… <...transmission ended...>

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