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She’s Dead

Posted by Cloud On January - 28 - 2007 Comments Off

The fog drifted in around me. The water lapped up around my arms as I took another step deeper into the pool. Her dead body lay across my arms. I was still in shock, my legs wanted to collapse out from under me, I didn’t know what I was doing anymore. She was there, so beautiful, so loving, and that beast… that thing… I wanted to yell out but I couldn’t. What good would it do anyway. She was gone. It was all my fault too. It had to be, had I just not let her go, but she never did listen to orders. She wanted to go. She asked to come along, in fact she had insisted; jumping ahead before I could stop her. Then he came down, right from the ceiling, sword in hand. Utter loss and despair courses through my fatigued body. What more can I do?  [ Read More ]

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It’s All About the Music

Posted by Samus On January - 17 - 2007 Comments Off

Okay folks, I need to set some stuff straight. After my last post I have been flooded with email asking me if I am depressed, offering moral support, giving me yellow ribbon cards and trying to sell me watches. I’m not suicidal, I’m not sick of life, I was just a bit lonely. I like my job, I really do! I got around to sitting and listening the other day and I have come to the conclusion that the best part of my life, is the music. The music I get to listen to on a day to day basis, is absolutely amazing. It’s incredible. Even the pause music is so great that I could listen to it for hours. (Okay, so maybe I have no choice but to listen to the pause music for hours, but that doesn’t make it any less good!) Music is a big part of  [ Read More ]

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Not Today… How About Tomorrow?

Posted by Master_Chief On January - 11 - 2007 Comments Off

I really don’t wanna be here today. I have this killer headache and it is really getting in the way of my concentration. I had a bad night last night, couldn’t sleep, and today, of all days, we get to play Halo. Charlie hasn’t played Halo in months, and to be quite honest, he’s not really that great. That doesn’t bother me though. I don’t mind playing the same level a few times because I keep getting killed, what bugs me is the fact that I have this stupid headache, right in the front of my forehead and now I have to run around shooting baddies. I am really tired and I really can’t focus. I don’t even know what level I’m on right now, that’s how out of it I am. The only thing I do know, is that there is a plasma grenade stuck to my helmet and  [ Read More ]

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Posted by Sonic On January - 8 - 2007 Comments Off

Hey ya’ll! Sonic here. Not really one for blogging myself, but when news reached me about Captain Slow-Poke’s post, I needed to correct a few issues. First off, Captain Falcon is not the fastest person on the planet. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t even drive the fastest car on the planet. Anybody can out race Captain Falcon, some of us can even do it on foot. The thing about racing in cars, is that anyone can do it. You get in and put your foot on the gas petal. Doesn’t sound that hard to me. That’s why there are so many characters to choose from in F-Zero. Get a clue Captain! Anybody could take your place with a weeks worth of training. You want speed? The only way to truly have speed is to train up for it and have it yourself. I’ll take you up on your  [ Read More ]

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Wicked Fast

Posted by Captain_Falcon On January - 4 - 2007 2 Comments

Man, I am fast. You think you’re fast? You think beating Twilight Princess in under 30 hours is fast? Well I so totally have you beat! I am the king of fast. I am so fast it’s not even funny. That’s right, I am faster the humor!!!! I’m just whippin’ around corners, yippee! How many people do you know, that can start out the race in 20th place and be in 1st by the end of lap one? Yeah, that’s me. Did you see my last race? Did ya? Did ya? It was amazing, if I do say so myself. I am sweet. That’s all I gotta say. The best racing game on the planet is F-Zero, and there ain’t no buts about that. You think Mario Kart is a racing game? Think again. It puts me to sleep. It’s kinda like all these new “action” movies that are coming  [ Read More ]

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