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Posted by Francis On January - 4 - 2008 Comments Off

Geeklog Date: 11.26
Mood: Ranty

The sun is bright outside so I’m going to stay in and watch “The Blubbening.” Season One has better writing and voice acting than the later seasons. I mean COME ON. Everything went totally downhill after the big dream sequence. Still, the animation in the scenes where Tubba Blubba battles robots is schweet. Season Three was obviously just a vehicle for selling action figures and vehicles. I never understood why they changed the sound effect when the princess appears. It was “Deet-dinga-deet-ling!” then suddenly it was “Dinga-deet-dinga-ling!” As if no one would notice! Pffft! True fans care about important stuff like that. They should totally run the show without commercials and let fans suggest story lines! That’s what the fans want and we’re the only ones that matter. I guess I’ll still buy “The Blubbening” box set. The preorder bonus is a costume! While I wait for it to come, I’ll go online and tell everyone it’s stupid.

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