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I am still loved!

Posted by Mario On March - 31 - 2008 Comments Off

Just got done reading a Raving Review of Super Mario 64, I’m still a pretty popular guy, despite what some of you may think. Best quote from the article: Even today, despite the dated graphics, Super Mario 64 is still a fantastically fun game. Getting all 120 stars is still a challenge and I’m sure it’d take a good memory jog to even remember where all of them are. It’s just a fun honest game that you don’t need to set aside an hour to play. 12 years later it’s worth keeping the N64 around, even if only for this one game.

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“The Pink Princess” in depth

Posted by Francis On March - 24 - 2008 Comments Off

Geeklog Date: 03.20 Mood: Miffed The stupid wind knocked out my electricity for the past four days, so since I couldn’t surf the internet, I’ve been watching “The Pink Princess” series I taped. (When you buy a battery adapter for your TV and VCR on meDock, you never think you’re actually going to need it one day.) By the time Season Five rolled around, I couldn’t help asking myself why I was still watching. Yeah, Princess Akiko was hot, but she still looked the exact same as she has since episode one! We’ve seen her massive wardrobe seven times, and she hasn’t changed outfits ONCE! She’s the main character, and she’s only one who hasn’t! All that fan art doesn’t make up for it; she seriously should have appeared in SOMETHING else, shouldn’t she? I counted 41 opportunities she could have disguised herself, and wrote 6 fan fictions about each  [ Read More ]

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I hate colds

Posted by Master_Chief On March - 21 - 2008 Comments Off

I got a cold the other day. Not just a normal cold, one of those filthy ones where your head becomes a snot factory and your nose has a constant flow of mucus running out of it and you sneeze every five and three quarter minutes. Let me tell you, snot and armor don’t mix well. When I sneeze inside my helmet there is snot everywhere. First off, I can’t see out my visor anymore. Hopefully I don’t need to see where I’m going or even where I’m shooting. Because it’s all a blur. That’s not all though. It gets worse. The snot is traveling so fast when it hits the visor it bounces back and instantly my eyes, my mouth and my ears are all full of snot which then oozes down my body and eventually pools on my feet. I can’t tell you how good a nice hot  [ Read More ]

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Posted by Pikachu On March - 17 - 2008 Comments Off

Pika, pika!!! Pika, pikachu! Pika, pika! Pika, pika, pika, pikachu! Pikachu! Pikachu! Pika! Pikachu!

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Posted by CaptainOlimar On March - 11 - 2008 Comments Off

I made a mistake. A big mistake. A mistake that is undoubtedly going to cost me my life. I strangled a Pikmin. I knew it was wrong, I knew it was stupid, but he just wouldn’t listen to me! I got caught up in a fit of rage and rushed at him like a maniac. He stood there, wide eyed and frightened, my hands went around his little neck and suddenly, he was limp in my hand. His little spirit floated away and his body disappeared. It was at this time when several other Pikmin fainted and died, probably because of the pure shock, and the rest ran away into the onions. I can’t get them to come out. They’ve been in there for several days. I’ve tried to coax them, to apologize, to bribe them, I just can’t get the to come out. I’m stuck here on this planet,  [ Read More ]

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Best of the NES

Posted by CrankyKong On March - 4 - 2008 Comments Off

Picture this for a second: a set of graphics distinctly exclusive for video games, a simple set of two buttons, title screens that come up in a second without lengthy intros, and more variety than you can fit in six feet of sandwich. That’s right, I’m talking about the glory days of a system we now know as the Nintendo Entertainment System. Games released for the NES boasted simple design schemes, unnecessary uses for the Select button, ambiguous mysteries with single solutions and few clues, passwords, and instruction books you were actually expected (but not required) to read. As you can well guess, it was brilliantly put together. Choosing a set of five best here is not an easy task, and if any of you ingrates actually know five games from this time, feel free to formulate a top five of your own. As for this old monkey, I’ve chosen  [ Read More ]

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