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Lost in the Lair

Posted by Waluigi On May - 12 - 2008 Comments Off

I thought Luigi was the one who got stuck all the time. I’d be willing to venture that being lost inside a structure is the same thing as being stuck there. It started when I was, uh… escaping—I mean, attending, uh, leaving—a business meeting with some locals in the alleys. As I waited around a corner for them to run by, I ran into an old green rapper lady. (I think she was a rapper anyway; she spoke in apparently pre-meditated rhymes.) She showed me a treasure map and said it led to rare stuff that is incredibly difficult to find. I was a bit skeptical that eggs and ice (real ice, not diamonds) were rare treasures, but she assured me that they were really valuable. I bought the map, loaded up some supplies for the trip, and took Wario to the place the map said to start: an old  [ Read More ]

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Trapped Again

Posted by Luigi On May - 2 - 2008 Comments Off

I must be having a run of bad luck. First I got stuck in the trapdoor to the basement. Then I got stuck in a castle while rescuing the princess. After that, I wound up stuck in the background plotting revenge against DK. Well, it’s pretty ironic this time. I’m stuck in the trapdoor again. Yeah, the one that goes to the basement. I thought I filled this hole with cement! I mean, yes, evidently I was wrong, but seriously! Do you know what it’s like getting caught in the same impromptu trap twice?! Call it frustrating, aggravating, humiliating, and just not very pretty. I was just catching up on some reading, set the book down to close the window, and BAM! The floor boards on an axle give way beneath my less-than-stellar weight. There’s quite a bit of regret spinning through my mind right now. If I had gotten  [ Read More ]

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Advice / Unemployment

Posted by DrWright On May - 1 - 2008 Comments Off

The citizens of your city need jobs! Build Commercial or Industrial zones closer to Residential zones and check the transportation grid to make sure your mass transit lines are used efficiently.

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