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Posted by Link On December - 8 - 2010 Comments Off

Has anyone seen Navi around here? I’m trying to stay clear of her as much as I can right now… I mean, she just does NOT stop talking when she gets going lately! Just because I don’t say much doesn’t mean I want to hear EVERYTHING going on in her mind! Eh, but enough about that…

I’ve been having days where I feel like I’ve been reduced to nothing more than a delivery boy. I mean, I don’t really mind gathering mystical artifacts to bring them to a holy location. Getting to travel around like that is really cool, and I really love checking out all the ancient temples and everything. Sure, there are monsters lurking around the corners, but once you learn to deal with them, it’s surprisingly peaceful down there.

But what I was getting at is the fact that I’ve had to run around bringing things to people all over the world. All kinds of things, from rusty tools to letters they don’t want to pay to deliver to strange mushrooms to empty bottles, and I’m pretty sure I had to deliver a living but frozen frog in there somewhere. It’s just becoming ridiculous lately!

I don’t mind carrying a lot of gear all the time, but does that really mean I need to carry it for other people? And delivering things isn’t really my specialty. I make mistakes sometimes. Now and then I just have to leave a bag at someone’s door and be on my way. I’ve had a few people chase me down saying, “What happened to the magic dust you were supposed to bring my sister?” or “I didn’t ask you for a hen! What am I supposed to do with this?!”

Listen folks, just because I travel all over the place on a regular basis doesn’t mean I should be the one who takes your stuff there with me. Why are you trusting heirlooms and potion ingredients to a guy like me, anyway? I know I’ve got a trustworthy face, but seriously, I could take this for myself and you’d never see it again. Maybe you’ve got busy lives, but who’s busier than a guy trying to save the world? You’ve got legs. You’ve got horses. You’ve even got a way to send letters to each other. If you want to return that book to your friend you haven’t seen in ages, why not actually go visit them for a while? You’ll enjoy it a lot more than me coming back two weeks later and saying, “Yeah, he was doing all right.”

And when I do take time out of my day to help you out, it wouldn’t hurt you to tip me or share a meal or something. I’d probably be a little more inclined to help with whatever you want next if you give me some kind of incentive.

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