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Posted by Kirby On December - 15 - 2010 Comments Off

It has been a while, but when I came back from Patchland (yep, that’s where I have been, due to a evil wizard named Yin-Yarn, who had sent me to Patchland in a magic sock, and transformed me into yarn, but that problem’s taken care of), there happened to be a lot of arguments from the main Nintendo Characters.

First off, I agree with Ness that us “little heroes” should have more games (That also goes to the Ice Climbers and Lucas).

Link should also have more games, but do sports and party games really fit the medieval time in Hyrule? That’s up to Link.

True, Mario’s appeared in a lot of games, but that doesn’t mean that I disagree with him. His games are famous throughout the years, and it isn’t going to change.  Still, I sometimes wish I was a playable character in Mario Kart, but it doesn’t really matter…

If that wasn’t bad enough, then there’s Samus with her complaint on me!

Kirby goes around shoving everything he sets eyes on into his mouth (without washing it off first). What kind of plot is that?

Sure, my games aren’t as “advanced and hardcore” as hers, but really? Even after in Kirby Dreamland 3, when I got rid of those Metroids for you, you still dare say something like that? (If you don’t believe me, here’s a link. )

But my plot isn’t always about eating. Sometimes I had to be used as a pinball to pass though the level. Another time is that I needed the help of a stylus to get around because my arms and legs were removed. Then in this year’s Kirby’s Epic Yarn, air passed through me when I tried to inhale! That, miss, was really annoying. Luckily I always had a plan to “improvise” in those games. Plus, if I never ate that Time Badge in Subspace, you would still be a trophy! If you don’t remember, other games also have to eat to survive. I mean, if there were no mushrooms in the Mario games, he would have never saved the princess. If Link never that those heart cookies (or whatever they are), he would die immediately. Even Pac-Man needs food to pass through the levels. Speaking of plot, most Nintendo characters at least know who their parents are! I mean, if I  knew where I had come from, I wouldn’t be called a “puffball” or a “marshmallow”.

*sigh* If only my canceled SNES game Kid Kirby wasn’t canceled.

Anywho, I’m not taking sides on this. Besides, it’s the season to be happy, not to be mad at each other. So then I’ll forgive Samus if she forgives me back.

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