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Kicking Your Own Shell?

Posted by Mario On December - 29 - 2010 Comments Off

Well now I’ve seen everything. (Well, not everything everything, but you know what I mean.) I stomped on a Koopa Troopa and knocked him out of his shell. He was right next to a pipe when it happened, so he slid right into it with his shell right next to him. I expected that he would just jump right back into it, but he didn’t. Instead, he just kicked it and sent it rolling! For like, no reason! I wasn’t even in the direction he was kicking it! I can only wonder what might have been going through his head when that happened. Why would you kick your sole source of armor off a cliff when there’s nothing to be gained by it? Maybe he just didn’t have his wits about him yet, and thought I was over there. Maybe he was fed up with his job and getting stomped  [ Read More ]

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Who’s the Controller?

Posted by CrankyKong On December - 22 - 2010 Comments Off

I always thought Nintendo was getting worse and worse with their new-fangled technologies coming out. I suppose I can understand adding more buttons to a controller, long as they’re all within easy reach. Not sure I’m ever gonna forgive ‘em for that broken-looking control stick they added on, or for the button hidden on the other side of that handle, but I guess they straightened it up a bit after that. But really, if they had to add even more buttons, shouldn’t they have at least kept them as buttons, instead of adding another control stick on the other side? Seriously, make up your minds, people! This next generation of consoles is going even further out of bounds, what with their clunky motion detection controls, and their fancy touch screens… When I was in my prime, touching the screen could get you thrown out of the arcade! And I tell  [ Read More ]

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Now isn’t a time to argue, is it?

Posted by Kirby On December - 15 - 2010 Comments Off

It has been a while, but when I came back from Patchland (yep, that’s where I have been, due to a evil wizard named Yin-Yarn, who had sent me to Patchland in a magic sock, and transformed me into yarn, but that problem’s taken care of), there happened to be a lot of arguments from the main Nintendo Characters. First off, I agree with Ness that us “little heroes” should have more games (That also goes to the Ice Climbers and Lucas). Link should also have more games, but do sports and party games really fit the medieval time in Hyrule? That’s up to Link. True, Mario’s appeared in a lot of games, but that doesn’t mean that I disagree with him. His games are famous throughout the years, and it isn’t going to change.  Still, I sometimes wish I was a playable character in Mario Kart, but it doesn’t really matter… If that  [ Read More ]

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Get It Yourself!

Posted by Link On December - 8 - 2010 Comments Off

Has anyone seen Navi around here? I’m trying to stay clear of her as much as I can right now… I mean, she just does NOT stop talking when she gets going lately! Just because I don’t say much doesn’t mean I want to hear EVERYTHING going on in her mind! Eh, but enough about that… I’ve been having days where I feel like I’ve been reduced to nothing more than a delivery boy. I mean, I don’t really mind gathering mystical artifacts to bring them to a holy location. Getting to travel around like that is really cool, and I really love checking out all the ancient temples and everything. Sure, there are monsters lurking around the corners, but once you learn to deal with them, it’s surprisingly peaceful down there. But what I was getting at is the fact that I’ve had to run around bringing things to  [ Read More ]

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HEY! This Site Is Back!

Posted by Navi On December - 5 - 2010 Comments Off

HEY! Listen! Blogging While Paused is making a comeback! Look! After two years of inactivity, people are finally starting to gather and share their experiences on this site again! I wonder where Link is right now? He likes to know about this sort of thing! I’ve been told to expect something new every week or so. I can’t wait to hear about what’s going on in everyone’s lives! There’s so much fun stuff that happens in games now–I can only imagine what we’ll be hearing about! Will they be describing what they see while they’re paused? Will they tell us their feelings about their lives in general? Will we get the best of some memorable conversations? Oh, I’m so excited!!! ^.^ I really need to go find Link. He’ll want me to tell him about this, I’m sure he will! HEY! LINK!

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