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Posted by DrWright On February - 16 - 2011 Comments Off

I’m sorry to say there isn’t much going on here today. It seems a number of internal issues have been slowing things down. Namely, your beloved site runners have scheduled some sort of showdown, and many posters here are too excited about it to talk about anything that’s actually interesting. Meanwhile, there’s chaos on the back end of things as Russian spy robots are attempting to overthrow order and take everything that isn’t nailed down. (It wouldn’t be such a difficult thing to deal with if they weren’t so good at blending into a crowd… But those eye lasers of theirs are quite nasty.)

At any rate, things should be more or less back in order this time next week. You would have my apologies, but I’m still trying to discern the robots from the rest of you.

Hm… Maybe I should put out a bounty…

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