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Posted by Navi On May - 4 - 2011 Comments Off

When you first look at me, you don’t see much, do you? I don’t look like a threat to anyone, and even when I’ve tried to be intimidating and get right in someone’s face, I’ve heard them say it was just like having a bug in their face once my back was turned. (That sort of talk hurts, by the way. Knock it off.)

I don’t need to be big or threatening to be useful, though. You non-smalls out there probably never even think about the sorts of things I can do every day. Sure, I’m pretty good about helping you keep an eye on swift creatures that would hurt you, and I can tell you everything you want to know about them (and lots of stuff you didn’t even know you wanted to know, too!), but I can do a lot more than that. See, think like a spy. I can fit effortlessly into places where most people don’t even realize there are places. I can navigate through an airway or behind some old bookshelves, look around, get a feel for the area, listen in on a conversation, and report back before anyone even realizes I was there!

On that note, you’d be surprised just how invisible I can be. I can float around a corner and watch and listen, and nobody ever pays attention to me! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve peeked around a corner, saw a bunch of monsters suddenly turn in my direction and start coming, and warn the person I’m with! I mean, that always happens JUST in time! It’s even funnier when I fly right in between people who are having a conversation, and they don’t even seem to notice I’m there. You wouldn’t think they could miss a floating ball of light with wings, but for whatever reason, they ignore me completely!

Which brings me to another useful thing I can do! Stuck in a dark place? Not a problem if you’ve got me by your side, because I make my own light! The only fuel I need is my food, and that’s something most non-fairy folks can’t even see. (It’s tricky to describe it–it’s sort of like snow that hangs in the air and can be found in patches here and there… and it exists pretty much everywhere you go, so you can take me anywhere and I’ll be fine!) Every once in a while, I see a dark room with a twisted pathway that’s supposed to trick people into falling because they can’t see where they’re going. This is such an easy one for me. All I have to do is fly around, figure out where the path is, and lead my partner along it.

There is one other nice thing about being small and quick… It sometimes happens that someone or something tries to attack me. They never even come close.

Now, there’s just one thing I need to work on… Every now and then while I’m spying on people, I have a tendency to shout something out and give away my location… Still struggling with that one.

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