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Posted by KingDedede On May - 25 - 2011 Comments Off

All right, I’m willing to admit it. Let’s chalk the “Gourmet Race” up as one of my worst ideas ever.

I thought I had everything set up nicely. I figured that my opponent would be distracted by all the food in such obscure places. That would give me a chance to run the straightest path to the goal and grab the moderate amount of stuff that was along the way. I made sure that winning the actual race was worth a lot more than just the food. The thing is, though, for a blob that does nothing but eat and float, Kirby is… a lot faster than you would think. He ate EVERYTHING! AND he won!

Look at what it’s done to me! I’m burning a lot of energy out there with no food to make up for it! I must have lost at least 15 pounds since we started. Or maybe it was 50… For a heavy weight fighter like me, I need that weight to throw around! Bowser’s laughing at me somewhere, I just know it.

I need to go back and re-think this. There are some serious adjustments that need to be made. Maybe I should add some secret food-heavy tunnels that you can’t get into without a hammer… Would that be enough to tip things in my favor?

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