Dragon Ball Z Quotes!

Here's a number of "useful" quotes from the show.

goku shocked

"So it’s the old giant bug in the ground trick." - Vegeta, e11

"This staring match is beginning to irritate me!" - Vegeta, e30

"Kakorat wouldn't purposefully be eaten alive." - Vegeta

"That's a brilliant idea. If you don't have a brain." - Vegeta e287

goku shocked

"I didn’t know you were from space Piccolo. Makes sense though." - Krillian, e22

"I was doing great until the fighting started." - Krillian, e28

"Why did they stop?" - Krillian, e29

goku shocked

"Mightymask was disqualified because he was two people!" - Announcer

"How and why the city disappeared earlier today, remains a mystery." - News Reporter, e22